LinkedIn Marketing: 4 Ways To Level Up Your LinkedIn Page

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Linkedin marketing

November 19, 2023


Sivan Michaeli -Roimi


5 min read

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LinkedIn is one of the world’s most popular social networks with a focus on business and sharing professional content. Proper optimization of your LinkedIn profile and engaging with your network is a good start to generating success on the platform, but to improve the effectiveness of your page, you’ll need to follow some of these top four tips on leveling up your LinkedIn Marketing. 

What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

Before we get into the top tips for LinkedIn marketing, it is important that we understand the power of Linkedin for B2B marketers. The business social network has over 750 million members, and over 10 million of these members are C-level executives. You can target decision-makers and business owners with your marketing on the network and capture the attention of a user who wants to work with a company like yours. 

75% of B2B organizations are using social media marketing and advertising over social media, and it’s no wonder these companies are choosing LinkedIn because they can target their prospective clients directly. 

What Are The Differences Between Organic And Paid LinkedIn Marketing?

The difference between Paid LinkedIn marketing and organic LinkedIn marketing are quite similar to its siblings in the PPC ads vs organic SEO world. Paid campaigns on LinkedIn work similarly to PPC programs, where your promoted advertising targets people who are actively searching for solutions or bottom funnel keywords, hopefully getting them straight to a meeting or gaining more traction; whereas the organic approach follows a value-based approach that contributes free and available content to gain followers, encouraging multiple touch-points, and finally convert prospects based on interest and education.

Organic content involves creating strong content for LinkedIn and using a content marketing strategy to gain new followers. As you write great content and connect and engage with other users’ posts on Linkedin, you can grow your audience organically. This method takes added work and creativity, and you may spend time consistently reaching out to users online in order to get new followers, but has a major brand impact.

A combination of paid and organic strategies is what works best for most users. Organic LinkedIn marketing is an excellent way to publish useful content that can bring people back to your page continually to create a strong future sales funnel. Paid visibility is an excellent method to draw in targeted users, but using an organic marketing strategy to keep users constantly visiting your page is an excellent way to leverage your LinkedIn page for its maximum value.  

Organic Linkedin vs Paid Linkedin

Top Growth Hacks For LinkedIn Marketing:

Turn One Piece Of Content Into Three

3. Screenshot your blog, and you have another image for social

Repurposing content is an excellent method to highlight key messages or to drive home specific points on topics you have covered before. Key messages or information that your community asks about from previous posts can be a good start here, or you can also reframe advice for a new perspective. Take a look at some of your previous posts for sections that could turn into their own new post or for items that could use updating for changing market conditions. 

Repurposing your older content using ChatGPT and other tools can be a low-effort way you can highlight important information to your audience without having to write an expanded post from scratch. 

Let’s take this post as an example to how we can easily turn it into 3 posts on LinkedIn:

  1. Turn internal images into a stand alone piece of content – we created some custom images for this blog, so we can use the chart above and make a stand alone post about the differences between organic and Paid Linkedin strategies.
  2. Turn the highlights into a carousel – We can take the top action items, summary or comparison chart above, and turn it into a beautiful Linkedin Carousel.
  3. Screenshot the blog and highlight key topics discussed on your social post. This could be another way of repurposing, screenshot the post and repost it. We added a screenshot of this post as an example.

Redistribute Your Content

If you have marketing content or posts that get good engagement on LinkedIn, you can also consider republishing them when they leave your main feed. As you will have a number of followers looking at these engaging posts for the first time when they visit your page, creating a cycle where important posts are redistributed to new social networks can be important. 

Every six weeks, you can ensure that you get the most out of your content by republishing your content. Your network usually won’t remember all the posts you publish, and will not scroll your feed, but consume it from LinkedIn’s main feed. So don’t worry about publishing the same content over and over. 

Boost Each Post’s Exposure

There are a couple of ways to boost engagement on each post you make. 

  • Animate images in your post using tools like Canva or AI toolsets. This can set your content apart from those that have still images. Videos are a better eye catcher than images and it boosts content engagements.
  • Promote your content through boost post ads – Choose your best content and boost it through ads to increase followers and exposure to your great free content.
  • Use Auto-like tools to automate likes to your posts from team members. You can set up auto-like features for your managers’ LinkedIn pages with tools like

By using some of these original tools to boost the exposure of every post, you can see greater success in the content you create for the platform.

Invite Prospects and Connections To Your Page Regularly

Nobody wants to enter an empty restaurant, right? The more followers you have the more credible your page is perceived to new audiences.

You can also get your teams involved, as every user has 250 invites a month. Having your managers invite their customers or your teams invite suppliers can be an excellent way to grow your network and have new users check out your page regularly. If you have four managers with 250 invites each, this could result in hundreds of new followers each month.


Who can pitch in? 

  • CSMs can invite happy customers 
  • AMs and SDRs can invite engaged prospects and earn another value touch point
  • Founders & other teams can invite friends, family and peers

Get your team excited about it and work!

Linkedin Marketing: Level. It. Up.

Now is the time to level up your LinkedIn marketing strategy. By using some of these unique strategies and setting aside a small budget for paid LinkedIn results, you can adequately capture an audience and keep them returning to your page. 

Start with your current content strategy and work at repurposing content as well as building a solid post schedule. When you are consistently posting valuable content on your LinkedIn page and making greater use of the platform, your prospects can check out your page regularly, and you can have ongoing objectives and conversions from your social media strategy. 

This can become extremely valuable on a B2B network like LinkedIn or as your products, services, and objectives change as a company. 

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November 19, 2023


Sivan Michaeli -Roimi


5 min read

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