LinkedIn Automation Hacks: Go Beyond Auto-Messaging

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January 30, 2024


Sivan Michaeli -Roimi


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I have always seen LinkedIn as more than a social media app for professionals. Nowadays, it has become a vital tool for business growth. According to the studies, 82% of B2B marketers find LinkedIn to be their most successful social media platform. But how can you use LinkedIn automation to boost that even more? Read this post to find out.

Whether it’s a brand aiming to grow its community, a business finding new customers, HR professionals looking for new hiring, or individuals willing to highlight their skills, LinkedIn is for all. But to really make the most of this platform, I’ve learned that automation is key. 

Using LinkedIn Automation, you can scale your LinkedIn efforts for success and turn it into a real game-changer for your company.

Why You Have to Step Up Your Linkedin Automation

In this article, I’m going to walk you through some hacks to boost your LinkedIn performance by leveraging automation. But what could be the impact? 

1. Get More Exposure

Leveraging LinkedIn automation right can get your posts more exposure to broader audiences. While you can pay for eyeballs most of the time, you can use LinkedIn automation to improve your paid efforts as well as boost the exposure of your organic posts as well. 

Your content takes so much time and effort to create, why not maximize visibility?

2. Get More Touchpoints 

LinkedIn automation can help you personalize and optimize content to boost engagement. It could also help you reach more accurate audiences, generating more engagement from relevant audiences too. In today’s world, establishing touchpoints with potential customers is essential. The more quality touchpoints you have, the greater the likelihood that prospects will convert into leads. 

3. Get More Leads!

Last, but definitely not least, Linkedin automation can finally help you get more leads. Social is always hard to justify for management, but the equation is simple –
‘Exposure’ + ‘relevant engagement’ = ‘high quality leads’ 

Now let’s get practical on how to do it.

LinkedIn Automation: Tips & Tricks to Maximize Your LinkedIn Impact

Yes, we will talk about automating SDRs work and sending connections, but it is just one of many LinkedIn automation tools that can help you engage with your prospects, active deals, or customers and get more touchpoints and exposure. 

Let’s cover a bunch of LinkedIn automation hacks you can start leveraging tomorrow:

1. Real Auto-Likes and Comments 

Using auto-likes and auto-comment tools can help maintain your presence engaging with your connections’ content and your company’s content. You can leverage auto-likes and comments both on your corporate LinkedIn page and your own personal profile. Depending on your goals, both yield more exposure to your brand.

Get auto-likes on posts when it matters. When it comes to your corporate page, I found it increasingly effective when looking to increase exposure and impressions. Every post has around 2 hours to get noticed once published. If you’re not getting the right attention on that window – the post is likely to die soon. Tools like ensure you get maximum likes at that very sensitive time frame by leveraging your employees for real auto-likes. 

Use chatbot-powered tools to comment and engage quickly with connections. One of my favorite features of LinkedIn automation is, that it helps in automating messages for special occasions like birthdays or career milestones and can add a personal touch. You can use basically any LinkedIn auto-messaging tool to send out congratulatory messages, making your prospects feel valued and remembered. You can do the same for your personal branding goals as well. Engaging with your LinkedIn connections is always valuable and could lead to fruitful future partnerships.  

2. Content Creation at Scale

Another useful set of tools built for scaling your content creation is content schedulers. Tools like Hootsuite and Oktopost can help plan your content and by setting it up to post automatically, you ensure a steady, consistent online presence. 

When building an evergreen content plan that becomes super handy. This is not just for your convenience, but it is a strategic move, as regular posts keep your profile active and engaging, helping to build your personal brand over time. I like to check what are the most popular pieces and rotate republishing every 45 days or so for each post. Adding new posts means your profile is always active.  

For automating monthly social organic posts, I would prefer tools like Hootsuite or Buffer. This ensures a consistent online presence without the need to manually post every day. However, you can also plan a diverse content calendar that includes articles, images, and videos to keep your audience engaged.

3. Messaging and Lead Generation

Last but not least, is what most companies are already leveraging – LinkedIn messaging and lead gen tools next important thing is messaging and lead generation. In one of our recent posts, we discussed how to automate LinkedIn messages the right way, as this is an important pillar of your lead generation machine in 2024. Companies see these days that prospects are more likely to respond on Linkedin than in emails.

I personally like Zopto, it is the best way to automate profile visits and personalize connection requests. You can design each message to reflect a genuine interest in the prospect’s background or recent activities. 

Every marketer knows you need workarounds and shortcuts to Sync LinkedIn efforts with your CRM to efficiently track the teams’ work. LinkedIn is pretty limiting in that aspect. Using tools like Surfe, you can sync all lead information automatically to your CRM, including messages! 

Linkedin Automation Is A Powerful Multiplier to Your Distribution Efforts

In summary, I’ve learned that LinkedIn automation is not just about connecting; it’s about building meaningful relationships and enhancing your online presence. You can significantly boost your efficiency and impact on this platform by smartly using automation tools. 

Moreover, LinkedIn automation opens doors to more effective and personalized engagement, whether for sales, marketing, or personal branding. 

Remember, it’s about making every interaction count!

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4 min read

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